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Shore Trips

Going on a cruise?  When you visit the port of call, be sure to explore it.  Don’t just visit the commercialized area of the port!  If you stay only in the shopping area, you are not really seeing the beauty of the island or country.

Taking an excursion will enhance your cruise experience.   Explore the scenery, culture and history while you are there---you may never be back!  You may buy the shore excursions (or sightseeing trips)  from the cruise line in advance or while on the ship---if the excursion is not sold out. 

Or, you may purchase the excursion from Shore Trips in advance.  Shore Trips is an independent, reputable company that offers a large variety of excursions at each port of call----and often for a better value than the cruise ship. 
Their excursions are usually smaller groups and typically unique sightseeing.  Day tours are also offered that focus on volunteerism.

If you are not on a cruise, but need to visit attractions or a day trip, Shore Trips tours may also be purchased in many cities worldwide.

Browse these excursions and book now if you wish.  Or you may come back later and book.  


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